All the good days are gone. Love begins with hope and ends with despair. If I die, there will be no more hope for you. Falling in love with you, I can appreciate the taste of missing, the bitterness of separation and jealousy, and the endless possessiveness. Why do your every move make me feel ups and downs? Why do I always fear that time flies and I can't stay with you forever? Knowing that you will lose your freedom, knowing that this is a lifetime contract, in order to get each other and make each other happy, you are willing to make a commitment. Love is a process of pursuing not freedom. When you complain that you are not free, it is when you do not love him. The cold used to be a very sad disease. Only pursuit and desire can bring happiness, depression and disappointment. After depression and disappointment, we learn to cherish. You have not been loved before, you will treasure the one who loves you in the future. If emotions and years can be gently torn up and thrown into the sea, then I would like to be silent on the sea floor from now on... Your words, I love to hear, but I don't know, my silence, you would like to see, but don't understand.. love is not complicated, but three words, not "I love you", "I hate you", is "forget it", "how are you?" Sorry. Love but not love, love but not love. I also believe that love can eliminate all difficulties, but after all difficulties, there are all difficulties. This is what I believe more. Love is the fulfillment of myself. I don't lack anything anymore. The love that can't be together for life is just that people will leave for another flight no matter how long they stay at the transfer station in a hurry during the long journey. After leaving, I think you don't forget one thing: don't forget to miss me. When you miss me, don't forget that I miss you too. Love is not a refuge. If you want to go in, you will be driven out. If you can't forget him, don't forget. It doesn't need to work hard to really forget. In the world of love, there are always some absurd things happen. When a person thinks that he can pay off his guilt and live a life worthy of his own, he has come to an end. It is not just love but life that is so unbearable. Love a person, you will love yourself. Commitment is a struggle between men and women. Sometimes everyone is happy, but most of them are both defeated. Love is not a refuge. If you want to go in, you will be driven out. The most powerful virus is love and lies. We are afraid of time, but we don't know how happy it is to live. We think it's no fun to live, but many people are struggling between life and death. When can we be grateful for what we have? Forget the years, forget the pain, forget your bad, we will never say goodbye. Most of the time in life, commitment synonym is bondage, but we yearn for bondage.